Cimatron: CAD-CAM Fröccsszerszámokhoz

Mold design

CimatronE CAD-CAM rendszer -
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Die design

Designed to meet the unique challenges faced by die makers today, CimatronE offers you a single integrated solution for die tool design and manufacturing, equipped with dedicated tool design features, a comprehensive wire EDM solution, and one of the most advanced NC programming systems available. With 30 years of experience in tool making, CimatronE is about making the best use of the expertise and resources of your tool shop to achieve quality results within the shortest possible time.

NC Programming

CimatronE shortens your delivery times while ensuring a superior surface quality.

With one of the most competitive selections of 2.5-5 Axis milling and drilling strategies on the market and strong built-in CAD tools, analysis tools, and simulators, CimatronE is the right CAM software for any job. CimatronE’s wealth of strategies and capabilities have been tailored specifically to the needs of tool makers, and are just another reason why CimatronE is the right choice for the tool shop NC Programmer.

Electrode Design

The CimatronE Electrode Solution excels at detailed and automated design of any electrode, from the simplest to the most complex. CimatronE offers advanced tools for easy definition of the burning area, powerful surfacing functionality, and libraries of standard blanks and holders. The entire electrode design process, or specific stages of it, can be saved as a template and easily applied to other electrodes, allowing you to substantially shorten your electrode design time.

Ha többet szeretne megtudni a programokról, kérem látogasson el az alábbi oldalra:

Dedicated CAD/CAM solutions for mold design and manufacture of any complexity and size, in record time and with superb quality
Dedicated solution for Die design that enables you to meet the unique challenges faced by die makers today
Full range of NC programming technologies, from simple 2.5 axis milling and drilling to complex 5-axis machining and micro-milling.